Fashion is an integral part of most of us in some way or the other. When there a new trend on the rise, we simply cannot wait to experiment with it. We may not realise it but fashion and our personalities are interlinked and influence each other to a great extent. Some ignorant may shame you for being materialistic and regard fashion as insignificant, however, I believe fashion is so much more than just clothes. It’s something you connect with on a deeper level and form an intense relationship with. Knowingly or unknowingly it becomes a part of us.

Fashion creates perceptions of your personality in a strangers mind before we can even say  a “hello”.  These perceptions develop as we change over the years, along with our sense of fashion. Fashion is a summation of who we are ,who we love and who we aspire to be. Trying on a particular style of heels which may be out of your comfort zone but was recommended by your favourite celebrity. Or wearing more jumpsuits because you desire to look more like your elder sister. wo4a2245

Fashion helps you feel confident. After a monotonous tiring week, you put on your favourite black dress and then to receive a simple “wow” from a cute boy, is enough to lift your spirits. Fashion is art and it allows you to experiment with it in whatever way you desire. Boys come and go, but fashion will never leave you. And I’m not even being dramatic with that sentence.

I was 15, waiting with my entire family for the bus under our hotel in Paris to take us to Disneyland. I remember I was so excited I could not stand still, I was practically skipping about. Suddenly, I see my sister has wandered about and is standing in front of some store. I quickly run to her to tell her that the bus will come any minute and that I refuse to miss it. She looked at me and then pointed at a pair of shoes and said “Look at this work of art,I want them.” Just to end this conversation fast, I gave the shoes a look and in that moment, something happened to me, I was spell-bound. I looked up at the name of the store and there it read “Jimmy Choo”. Suddenly, I had forgotten all about Disneyland and all I wanted to do was enter the store and gaze and try on all those beautiful shoes. I could hear my parents in the background shout “the bus has come” but it did not matter in that moment. I walked in to the store and the world of fashion a startled and amused 15 year old and till today I am still very much in awe.